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Begin a legacy of blessing.

Let God heal your family!

Bad thinking and destructive conduct passed down through generations can have a negative effect on the spiritual, physical, and psychological health of you and your family for generations. The good news is you don't need to pass on traits contrary to God's desire for you and your family. Learn how to break destructive patterns with Marilyn and Sarah's book, Blessing the Next Generation.

For your best gift today, we will send you this life-changing book along with Marilyn's three-CD teaching, Imparting the Blessing, and her teaching-CD, Supernatural Strategy.

For your gift of $75 dollars or more, we will send you our alabaster anointing oil bottle and frankincense oil. This set is similar to the alabaster jar and oil used by the woman mentioned in Mark 14 who anointed the feet of Jesus.

Create a lasting family legacy with the help of our loving God.

Blessing the Next Generation - Pack 2

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