Hold on to your blessing! Learn how to maintain the miracles you receive in every area of your life.

In Joan Hunters new book Miracle Maintenance, How to Receive and Keep God's Blessings you will:
- learn the difference between taking and receiving - build your confidence in God's miraculous provision
- understand how to position yourself to receive God's gifts
- become aware of hindrances to receiving
- discover the secrets to keeping the blessings you receive

You will change the way you think, see renewed vision, and live with the heartbeat of God. For your gift of $35 dollars or more we will send you Joan's new book along with Marilyn and Sarah's A Mindset for Miracles CD which will take you on a tour of the Bible's most remarkable miracles, showing you how to adopt the type of thinking that makes those same kinds of supernatural breakthroughs possible in your life today and as an added blessing, we'll also send you their Renew Your Mind booklet.

Take a journey of revelation as you learn to cultivate miracle-thinking!


Miracle Maintenance Pack

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