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It's time to put the enemy on notice!

The devil has come to steal, kill, and destroy - but you can push back the gates of hell! For your gift of $30 dollars or more we will send you Armed and Dangerous: The Ultimate Battle Plan for Targeting and Defeating the Enemy by John Ramirez.

With passion and insight gained from years on the frontlines of spiritual warfare, John Ramirez equips you with biblical weapons and practical strategies you need to battle the enemy successfully, including how to:
- Fight with your God-given authority
- Take back what the devil has stolen
- Fortify your mind and heart against attacks
- And much more!

We will also send you Marilyn's dynamic 2-CD teaching, Satan Proof Your Home. These hard-hitting messages unveil Satan's most subtle devices and give you practical counsel concerning your entire household.

And to complete this powerful offer, we will include our Spiritual Authority scripture card filled with the verses you need to take into battle to stop Satan dead in his tracks.

Armed and Dangerous Pack

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