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Supernatural healing, miracles, and victory can be yours!

For your gift of $1000 dollars or more we will send you the DVD of the encouraging Jewish prayer teaching and the prayer shawl. Made in Israel, this beautiful shawl is a supernatural mantle you can use while in study or prayer that will help you enter in to His presence and receive the miraculous.

We will also send you the alabaster anointing oil bottle and frankincense anointing oil. This set is similar to the alabaster jar and oil used by the woman mentioned in Mark 14 who anointed the feet of Jesus.

And to complete this great offer, we will send you the silver-plated shofar. Custom crafted in Israel, this shofar is over 26 inches long and includes a clear stand for display.

This beautiful piece will remind you to make the sound of a miracle and claim your victory.

Jewish Prayer Shawl - Pack 2

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