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Allow the miraculous to operate in your life.

When everything in your life is saying NO, you can speak a divine YES that will bring about the miraculous intervention of God in your life.

For your gift of $25 or more, we will send you Marilyn%u2019s CD, The Divine Yes. Through this anointed teaching, Marilyn introduces you to key figures in the Bible who responded to God%u2019s invitational divine Yes with a Yes of their own. Say yes to healing and health, restored and repaired relationships, and a life of miracles through the power of faith.

We will also send you Marilyn%u2019s DVD, Ask Big and Get Bigger Results. Do you want to double your portion and double your supernatural blessing? You weren%u2019t created to just live a natural life. You were created to walk in the miraculous. In this insightful DVD, Marilyn will walk you through how to ask for and grasp the abundant prosperity the Lord wants you to experience.

And to complete this offer, we will also include the God%u2019s Promises Scripture Card.

The Divine Yes Pack

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