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Are you caught in a tug-of-war between pursuing a healthier lifestyle and settling for average? Did you know that you can build a better you by making a series of simple daily choices?

Today for a gift of $40 or more, you'll receive the updated edition of Dr. Bob DeMaria's Guide to Optimal Health. In this book, you will learn:
- 365 easy ways to change your diet, improve your sleep, and enhance your exercise.
- Secrets to preventing and dealing with diabetes, cancer, IBS, gallstones, menopause, headaches, and more!

You'll also receive Dr. Bob's brand new, 1 Minute a Day to a Healthier You, daily devotional. In these 1-minute daily devotionals, Dr. Bob offers bite-sized Scriptural insights on how to improve your health and transform your life and empower you to make necessary improvements to be a good steward of the body God has given you!

You'll also receive Marilyn & Sarah's CD, A New You. Learn to release the person of peace, power, prosperity, and purpose that you were "reborn" to be. God wants you healthy, spirit, soul, and body!

A Healthier You Pack

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