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Here, in one life-changing series are all the wisdom principles and supernatural strategies you need to defeat your enemies and achieve the health, wealth, peace, and happiness you deserve. For your gift of $35 you will receive the new 2 CD teaching set from Marilyn, Becoming a Giant Slayer. In this powerful set you will receive the following six teachings: - The Sound of Victory - Victory Through Surrender - How to Get Wisdom - Supernatural Strategy - David and Goliath - Winning Over Five Worst Enemies We will also send you Marilyn and Sarah's latest book, 30 Meditations on Jesus. There's no greater way to prepare for battle than meditation on the One Who fought the ultimate battle and won%u2014Jesus! You will love and cherish this 3rd book in the 30 Meditations series. Become a giant slayer and meditate on the One Who gives you the strength and power to win!

Giant Slayer Pack

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