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Stay one step ahead of the enemy.

Are you under attack? Spiritual warfare is not limited to the spiritual realm, but can affect the entirety of your life%u2014your spirit, soul, and body.

For your best gift today, we will send you Dawna DeSilva's book, Warring with Wisdom. Through this powerful book you will be equipped with battle-plan warfare secrets like:
• Strategies for attaining physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness
• The power that forgiving your body can have in bringing healing%u2014and
• How to stay one step ahead of the enemy's multi-faceted attacks

Also included in this great offer is Marilyn's 4-CD teaching set, Get Wisdom!

For your gift of $95 dollars or more, we will also send you the hardcover Spirit-Filled Life Bible. This Bible will fill you with wisdom and serve as your most powerful weapon in the battle against the powers of darkness.

Warring with Wisdom - Pack 2

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