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Do you want to discover and move in the gifts of the Spirit?

For your gift of $35 or more, we will send you Flowing in the Supernatural by Greg Mohr. As believers, we are called to move in the regular, supernatural demonstration of the Spirit's gifts. Flowing in the Supernatural offers practical instruction and helpful guidance for operating in the gifts of the Spirit.

You will discover how to:
- Recognize the gifts of the Spirit in your life
- Exercise spiritual gifts in personal and corporate settings
- Unlock the hidden power of the baptism of the Holy Spirit

We will also send you Marilyn's teaching CD, Supernatural Strategy. In this teaching, Marilyn walks you through the Word of God, encouraging you to open your Bible and read God's plan for you.

Also included is Your Pathway to Miracles. This book will give you a glimpse at the amazing adventures and supernatural miracles Marilyn has personally experienced and witnessed.

To complete this offer, we will include the Spiritual Life Scripture Card.

Flowing in the Supernatural Pack

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