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Do you ever find yourself entertaining negative thoughts? The Bible says "For as he thinks in his heart so, is he." (Proverbs 23:7) Is it time for an attitude adjustment?

For your gift of $29 you'll receive Deborah Pegues' book, Choose Your Attitude, Change Your Life. Learn how your words affect every area of your life. Through Bible-based principles, you'll learn how to recognize counterproductive behaviors and walk towards a path of personal growth. Discover how to let go of anger, focus on the needs of others, walk in humility and have healthy relationships.

You'll also receive Marilyn's Renew Your Mind booklet. Learn how reading specific scriptures out loud will help you transform your thoughts from negative to positive and change your life for the better!

In addition, you'll receive a Peace and Joy Scripture card that you can read daily to remind you to think positive thoughts. Empower yourself to walk in freedom by renewing your mind!

Choose Your Attitude Pack

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