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Learn how to hear God's voice clearly.

Did you know you can be a voice to share with others what God wants to say to them? Learn how to hear God's voice clearly and then share that message effectively with others.

For your gift of $30 dollars or more, we want to send you You Can Prophesy! by Joan Hunter. Isaiah 55:11 declares that every word of God that goes forth from His mouth produces results. God wants those words to come from your mouth to accomplish exactly what He desires.

We will also send you Marilyn and Sarah's CD Declare Today featuring daily confessions from both of these women of the Word. Speak words of peace, health, protection, and blessing for you and your family. God's Word is filled with wonderful promises so we will also include our Speak the Word booklet.

When you confess His promises over your life and circumstances, your spouse and your children, things can change.

Confess the Word and let the blessings take hold!

You Can Prophesy Pack

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