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The Word is full of encouragement, peace, and eternal promises. Speak words of peace, health, protection, and blessing into your life and the lives of your friends and family. Marilyn and Sarah speak biblical confessions over their lives every day and now you can too! For your gift of $20 dollars or more, we want to bless you with Marilyn and Sarah's Declare Today CD which includes the confessions they declare daily. God's Word is filled with wonderful promises and when you confess them over your life, you agree with the Word and the blessings take hold. You'll also receive God's Promises for Your Every Need Deluxe Edition which offers encouragement straight from the Bible. Wrapped in a lovely, leather bound cover, this powerful book is full of promises that will help you overcome life's challenges. This resource topically arranges specific scriptures to offer you hope during difficult seasons. These two resources will anoint and encourage you. Discover and take hold of the power of the Word!

Declare Today Pack

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