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Do you want to unlock the wisdom of God and make good decisions in your life?

For your best gift today, we will send you Greg Mohr's book, Walking in Wisdom. From Greg's 40 years of ministry experience and clear Biblical principles you will learn:
• What is wisdom
• Where is it found
• How to apply it
• And much more

We will also send you Marilyn's new book, Read it, Speak it, Do it. In this life-changing book, Marilyn gives you the blueprint she has used for reading, speaking, and acting on what the Word says.

We will also include Marilyn's Get Wisdom four-CD teaching in this offer.

For your gift of $75 dollars or more, we will send you the Passion Translation Bible. This easy-to-read translation unlocks the passion of God's heart and unfolds the mysteries of the Scriptures to you.

Walking in Wisdom with Greg Mohr - Pack 2

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