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Our prosperity and health are natural by-products of a healthy and prosperous soul, but what constitutes a prosperous soul?

According to 3rd John 2, our financial prosperity and physical health are directly linked to the prosperity of our soul. Understanding this truth will motivate us to shift our focus from seeking financial prosperity and physical healing, to developing a prosperous soul as our first priority.

For your gift of $29 dollars or more, we will send you Greg Mohr's book, A Prosperous Soul. In this book you will learn essential keys and discover what it takes to establish a prosperous soul and healthy life.

We will also send you Marilyn's 2-CD set Soul Prosperity. In this teaching series you will learn:
- how God wants you to achieve soul prosperity
- what the Bible has to say about your finances
- and the biblical keys to transforming your life

We will also send you our Soul Prosperity Scripture card to further encourage you through God's Word.

Pursue new levels of prosperity in your life!

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A Prosperous Soul Pack

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