Do you want to double your portion, double your blessing and see supernatural results?

This DVD resource will help you tap into the powerful principle that Elisha discovered.

You weren't created to just live a natural life. You were created to live a supernatural life, too. Miracles are contagious and one of the biggest performers of miracles in the Old Testament was the prophet Elijah.

Elisha, whom Elijah was mentoring, recognized this and sought to receive a double portion of the miracle working power God had bestowed upon Elijah. Guess what? He received it!

Elisha asked for something big and got bigger results. You, too, can learn to ask bigger and see God give you bigger, better and more than you could have ever envisioned.

In this insightful DVD, Marilyn will walk you through how to ask and grasp the abundant prosperity the Lord intends for you to experience.


Ask Big and Get Bigger Results DVD

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