Many believe prayer combined with fasting is an archaic discipline practiced only by early believers. Yet together, prayer and fasting form a powerful tool for helping us to overcome evil, achieve wholeness, and experience revival. The benefit of prayer and fasting are both physical and spiritual.

In fact, this combination is important to believers in every age because it:
• Inspires spiritual cleansing through intense contact with the Lord.
• Makes us more sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading.
• Creates energy, tightens focus, and unifies groups of people.
• Promotes healing within the body.
• Breaks spiritual yokes of bondage.
• Revives our spirits to serve God.

This informative biblical guide provides not only the "why" of fasting, but also the "how-to," including how long to fast, ways to make fasting and prayer sessions deeply effective, and inspirational thoughts for meditation on those days. Most of all, it will remind you that this ancient tradition still brings believers closer to God--galvanizing spiritual growth while enhancing physical health.

The Power of Prayer and Fasting Book

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