Experience Holy Spirit in Everyday Life!

When you're raised by a televangelist and a charismatic pastor, you have a range of experiences with the Person of Holy Spirit.

But speaker, pastor and author Sarah Bowling traveled a long and varied journey from hearing about the Spirit to understanding what a relationship with Him might mean for her daily life.

With candor and gentleness, Bowling draws back the curtain from her extraordinary childhood. She invites the reader along on her own faith journey and into an exploration of one essential question: What does Jesus actually say about Holy Spirit?

Drawing from Jesus' teachings during the Last Supper, and from her own study of the Bible in the original languages, Bowling offers powerful insights for skeptics, new believers and mature Christians alike.

This book will draw you into a deeper understanding of Holy Spirit and show you how He can transform your life every single day!

"Through real-life, everyday examples, Heavenly Help will give you new understanding of the amazing gift and help we have in Holy Spirit."
- Joyce Meyer, Bible teacher and bestselling author

"Sarah Bowling shares from her personal journey of following Jesus and encountering Holy Spirit. You will be challenged, provoked and awakened."
- Margaret Feinberg, author, Wonderstruck

"Read it and be transformed."
- Christine Caine, founder, The A21 Campaign; bestselling author, Undaunted

"Sarah Bowling has hit it out of the park. This is a must-read!"
- Robby Dawkins, author, international conference speaker and equipper

"You will love this book!"
- J. Lee Grady, director, The Mordecai Project; author, Fearless Daughters of the Bible and Holy Spirit Is Not for Sale

Heavenly Help Book

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