Do you remember as a child how important it was to learn your ABCs?

The foundation for learning to read rested on understanding the characteristics, phonetic sounds and purposes for each letter of the alphabet. Sarah Bowling shows how the same holds true in our relationship with Jesus; the more we know about Him, the closer we draw near to Him and recognize His work in our lives.

Devoted to Him: the ABCs of Jesus is the fourth volume in Sarah Bowling's Devoted series. Similar in format to the acrostic found in Psalm 119, Sarah Bowling has taken each letter of our English alphabet, doubled the vowels and created a 31-day devotional.

Each entry is fun to read, concise, meaningful and engaging, with a corresponding prayer and space for you to write your thoughts or takeaways from that day's devotion.

Follow along with Sarah as you learn and are encouraged by the foundational characteristics and traits, along with the many benefits and joys, of a relationship with Jesus.

Devoted to Him: The ABCs of Jesus Mini Book

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