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Prayer changes everything. Yet so much gets in the way of communicating with our powerful and loving Creator: distraction, hardship, doubt, anger, busyness, unforgiveness, and more.

For your best gift today, we will send 10 Prayer Secrets by Hakeem Collins. In this powerful book you will see how prayers unlock a plan of action and help you:
• Pray powerfully, passionately, and effectively
• Engage with God's heart and learn God's timing
• Perceive and receive angelic assistance
• And more

We will also send you Sarah's Praying with Holy Spirit DVD-teaching, Marilyn and Sarah's Discover Your Destiny CD, and our Prayer Scripture Card.

For your gift of $65 dollars or more, we will include our Jewish Prayer Shawl. Made in Israel, this beautiful prayer shawl is a supernatural mantle you can wear while in study or prayer.

Get this powerful offer today!

10 Prayer Secrets with Hakeem Collins - Pack 2

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