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You will go from overwhelmed to being an overcomer.

All of Heaven is available to you right now through the finished work of the cross. But often it doesn't look or feel that way. The reason: There is a battle for our mind, will, and emotions that determines the fullness of God's presence and power that we walk in.

For your gift of $40 dollars or more, we will send you Winning the Battle for Your Mind,Will and Emotions by Robert Hotchkins.

In it you will discover:
• How and why the enemy attacks
• The divine power God has placed within you
• How to walk in that power
• And much more . . .

We will also send you Marilyn's autobiography, It's Not Over Until You Win, her Mindset for Miracles CD teaching set, and our Emotional Healing Scripture Card.

Winning the Battle - Pack 1

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