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Is it possible that there exists an ancient master blueprint that holds the secret behind the events of our times?

Could events that took place nearly three thousand years ago now be determining the course of our world and with it the course of our lives?

For your gift of $35 or more we will send you The Paradigm by best-selling author Jonathan Cahn. Through this book, you will learn that this ancient paradigm has determined the events of modern times and also their timing%u2014even down to the exact dates.

We will also send you Marilyn%u2019s book, The Final Hour. Through this book you will have an opportunity to enter into a new level of effectiveness never before experienced. Knowing and understanding what the Scriptures say about the end times will enable you to shatter the fear and deception of the enemy and make sure you and your loved ones are ready for Jesus%u2019s return.

The Paradigm Pack

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