The Holy Spirit wants give us upgrades we have yet to experience.

Life is an incredible journey, but nobody said it was easy. Thankfully, God has provided the Holy Spirit who guides and comforts us through any turbulence we might face.

For your gift of any amount we will send you Sarah's newest CD teaching Holy Spirit Upgrade. In this teaching, Sarah Bowling explains how God sometimes closes doors to open bigger opportunities, allowing the Holy Spirit to work to upgrade your journey with peace and power.

For your gift of $25 dollars or more, we will also send you Sarah's book, Heavenly Help. Sarah has learned that the Holy Spirit is our %u201Chelper%u201D and gives us supernatural guidance in every area of our lives. In Heavenly Help, she shows us a refreshing, modern insight into the Holy Spirit - both for the world in which we live and as an introduction to the timeless third person of the Trinity.

The Holy Spirit wants to connect with us on an intimate, personal level, and participate in our daily living to give us upgrades we have yet to experience.

Holy Spirit Upgrade Pack

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