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God heals believers not only physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but financially, as well!

Through her book Supernatural Provision-Living in Financial Freedom, best-selling author Joan Hunter shares from personal experience about overcoming financial hardships. Gain biblical wisdom and learn how you can:
- See miraculous breakthroughs
- Overcome poverty and loss
- Become debt-free
- Prosper in the midst of adversity
- Have all your needs met
- Thrive in uncertain times

Today we would love to send you this life-changing resource. We'll also send you Marilyn's 2 -CD and booklet set Miracles are for You.

In this set, Marilyn and Sarah have gone through God's Word and recorded 30 miracles that are near and dear to their hearts. This set will encourage you to claim the miracles you are believing for.

God's Word is full of miracles and supernatural provision! Unlock the windows of heaven and walk in God's abundant blessings TODAY. Receive both of these great products for your gift of $39 or more.

Supernatural Provision Pack

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