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Lose your religion and strengthen your faith.

Do you long for true transformation? Do you desire to break free from exhausting fear and fruitless striving?

For your best gift today we will send you Dianne Leman's book, Wrecked for God. In this faith-altering book, you will be guided out of a Christian life of doing and into union with the Lord Jesus Christ: a union that will provide rest, freedom, delight, and grace that is not exhausting but exhilarating.

We will also send you Marilyn's book Enjoy Life, her teaching-CD A Brand New Start, along with our Breaking Free Scripture Card.

For your gift of $100 or more we will include our Names of God Afghan. Rest in your relationship with God as you wrap yourself in the different names that show His faithfulness at your point of need. Break the shackles of religion, and embrace a fruitful, fulfilling life with Jesus that you never through possible.

Wrecked for God - Pack 2

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