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Believe for your miracle today.

Experience the impossible as a daily lifestyle! For your gift of $30 dollars or more we will send you Marilyn%u2019s 4-CD teaching series Miracles Now!

Through this seven-message series you will learn these three things about miracles: %u2022 how they happen
%u2022 what brings them
%u2022 and how you can experience the impossible every day

We will also send you Marilyn%u2019s book, Your Pathway to Miracles. Read about Marilyn%u2019s trail-blazing life and journey, and be amazed at the remarkable miracles she has witnessed in her many years of ministry as well as those she has experienced in her own life.

Also included in this great resource is Marilyn%u2019s booklet, How to Maintain your Miracle. This booklet leads you into God%u2019s bountiful storehouse of blessing, so you can preserve the life-renewing riches you have from your heavenly Father.

And finally, we will send you the miracles scripture card to encourage you with God%u2019s promises about the miracles you are guaranteed through your life in Christ.

Elisha Teaching Pack

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