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Your body is intricately balanced with a God-given ability to heal itself, but sometimes you need to protect and help it along.

For your gift of $49 dollars or more we will send you Dr. Janet Maccaro's updated Natural Health Remedies book. Research proves that natural food can be your best medicine for losing weight, lowering cholesterol, preventing cancer, beating allergies, and managing the nagging health conditions we face in our modern world. This book will equip you with the most current health tips on detoxes and cleanses, superfoods and supplements, symptom triggers, and much more.

We will also send you Dr. Maccaro's 3 CD series Good News from God's Pharmacy. Be educated and encouraged as you take your health to a higher bite at a time!

To accompany this great resource, we will also send you our Confessions of Health and Healing CD. Start your day confession God's healing promises with Marilyn and Sarah as together you speak God's Word of healing over your life.

It's time to be renewed and restored to good health - naturally!

Natural Health Remedies Pack

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