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Learn how to achieve complete mental health.

How do you achieve complete mental health? Everywhere you turn today, there is an increased public awareness for the term "mental health." However, to actually reach and hold onto optimal mental health can be a journey in itself.

For your best gift today, we will send you Dr. Bob's Drugless Guide to Mental Health. In this life-changing book you will learn how to help:
• Depression and stress
• Your emotions and your body
• Anxiety and optimal food choices
• Memory issues
• And much more

We will also send you Marilyn and Sarah's Declare Today teaching-CD, Marilyn's Time with Him devotional, and our Rest Scripture Card.

For your gift of $65 dollars or more, we will include our Psalm 23 blanket. It holds a special place in both Sarah and Marilyn's hearts. Never has this chapter of the Bible proven more comforting, truthful and calming than it has in this past year.

Designed from our popular watercolor journal, this super soft, thick, easy-care, Nordic fleece blanket features the 7 names of God revealed within the Psalm.

The size is: 50"x 60"

Heal your mind and heart naturally and supernaturally, from the inside out.

Dr. Bobs Guide to Mental Health - Pack 2

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