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Do you need a change in your life?

God's Word is essential like eating and breathing. When you put the Word in your heart and speak it with your mouth, it will change your life. Luke 4:4 says "Man shall not live by bread alone...but by every Word of God."

For your gift of $35 dollars or more, we will send you Greg Mohr's book Scriptures to Live By. This arsenal of scriptures is organized in forty-one essential categories that will arm you to face life's difficulties successfully. This book is a tremendous resource for counseling, Bible study, personal reference, and dealing with life's greatest needs.

We will also send you Marilyn and Sarah's foundational booklet Speak the Word. This handy resource will help you confess God's promises over your life, your family, and your daily circumstances and see things change for the better.

And to complete this powerful resource, we'll send you God's Promises for Your Every Need. This wonderful book will help you receive God's blessings and apply His word to your life.

Scriptures to Live By Pack

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