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Break free of lies that have kept you powerless.

What would happen if we truly believed Jesus%u2019s promise that we will do the same things He did during His earthy ministry? And what does it take for us to live in that naturally supernatural way?

For your best gift today, we will send you Alignment, Live a Life of Miracles by Chuck Parry. From this empowering book you will:
• Have your eyes opened to see the abundance of Heaven within and around you
• Break free of the lies of lack and limitation that have kept you powerless
• Learn how to minster more powerfully to those in need around you
• And more...

We will also include the Hey God, Can we Talk? book, Mindset for Miracles CD-teaching, and our Miracles Scripture Card.

For your gift of $65 dollars or more, we will also send you the hardcover Spirit-Filled Life Bible. This Bible will fill you with wisdom and serve as your most powerful weapon in the battle against the powers of darkness.

Alignment with Chuck Parry - Pack 2

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