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Do you need a reset button for your mind, body, and spirit?

Wellness expert and certified nutrition counselor Laura Harris Smith takes you on a 30-day journey that will not only reset and detox your body but also your mind and spirit. For your gift of $25 dollars or more, we will send you 30 Day Faith Detox where you will confront 30 universal faith toxins like doubt, discouragement, and anger and flush them out. Using ingredients from your own kitchen, you'll get delicious recipes for smoothies, juices, soups, and entrees that cleanse your body as you also detox your mind and spirit through prayer and meditation on God's Word.

We'll also send you Marilyn's Healing Faith teaching CD. The first step to receiving healing is having faith that the Lord still heals and wants to heal you! In this interactive message, Marilyn shares her personal story of healing and walks you through the steps of how to be healed. We will also include our Healing Scripture card for easy reference to God's Word on healing.

30 Day Faith Detox Pack

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