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Get Daring faith, today!

Even when everything else points toward doubt, God moves through our faith to bring His provision into our lives.

For your gift of $25 dollars or more we want to send you Marilyn and Sarah's new CD teaching set, Daring Faith. In this four-message teaching series, Marilyn and Sarah will challenge and encourage you to live a life of daring faith...move in faith in the face of impending disaster...claim a faith vision for your life...depend on God to bring you to victory...and remain committed to God.

We will also send you Marilyn's 4 Crazy Faith Friends teaching CD. This message will help you build relationships and find people who will encourage your faith and walk with the Lord. We'll also include our Faith Scripture card for quick reference to what God's Word says about faith.

Put your faith into action and open the windows of heaven, today!

Daredevil Faith Pack

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