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You can have victory over all your fears.

God's word is always relevant! We pray you are enriched by one of Marilyn's Classic Bible teachings.

Have you ever wondered where God is when you're afraid? No matter your fear, God provides a way to overcome it.

For your best gift today we will send you the classic DVD teaching by Marilyn: Where is God When I'm Afraid. In this timeless message, Marilyn looks at the lives of Biblical giants like Abraham, Joshua, David, and Esther. Learn how God helped them overcome their fears and gave them great victories.

We will also send you Marilyn's Read It, Speak It, Do It book, and her Breaking Free from Fear booklet.

For your gift of $90 dollars or more we will also send you the Names of God Afghan. This beautiful blanket will fill you with FAITH and surround you with warmth.

Be encouraged!

Where is God When I am Afraid - Pack 2

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