Sometimes you simply want...more!

Sometimes life doesn't make sense: Your heart breaks. Your dreams shatter. You feel confused about your purpose, alone, or fearful for your future or that of those you love. Sometimes you simply want %u2026more! In her book, Surrender All Joni Lamb shows how to meet the struggles and hardships of life with one powerful act of faith.

For your gift of $29 dollars or more, we will send you this powerful book. This uplifting message will show you that by surrendering all, God will show you the path you need to follow and give you peace, power, and purpose in this world.

We will also send you Marilyn and Sarah's 3 CD set Redeem Your Dream. Through these five inspired teachings you will see heaven's vision for your life and the purpose and blessing that are promised you in the Word.

The path to surrender always leads to contentment!

Surrender All Pack

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