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Now is the time to shatter the past and take control of your family's future. God has a great plan and future for you and your family - you can break generational curses and live under generational blessings. Let God heal your family and reverse the bad thinking and harmful conduct passed down through the generations. Live every day in the positive spiritual, physical, and psychological health promised for you.

For your gift of $35 dollars or more we will send you two cherished books and teachings form Marilyn and Sarah. You will receive Breaking Generational Curses and Blessing the Next Generation both filled with anointed insight and life-changing encouragement. We will also send you the Blessing the Next Generation-Shatter the Past and Take Control of Your Families Future 2 CD set. Learn about the very powerful, very biblical keys to living in the freedom and blessing Jesus died to bring us.

All for your gift of $35 dollars or more.

Next Generation Pack

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