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Do you have questions about End Times?

Do you tend to avoid studying books of the Bible like Revelation and Ezekiel? Does it feel like words such as rapture and apocalypse fly right over your head? You're not alone.

For your gift of $39 or more, we will send you The Non-Profit's Guide to End Times by writer and artist Todd Hampson. Through this book you will be blessed and entertained in a meaningful way with engaging illustrations and down-to-earth explanations that will help you navigate the ins and outs of Bible prophecy.

We will also send you Marilyn's books, Unraveling Revelation, where you will experience a step-by-step tour of the seven main events and places in Revelations, and The Final Hour, which will help you will discover the knowledge of the end times available to you through the Scriptures.

There is no better time to grasp God's plans for the future and for you.

The Non-Prophets Guide to the End Times - Pack 1

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