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Don't miss out on a life-changing invitation.

Have you settled for less than everything God has for you?

For your best gift today, we will send you Don't Miss Out by Jeannie Cunnion.

Discovering the significance of the Holy Spirit's work in her life lit a fire and became the message she shares in this life-changing book. Through tender storytelling you will learn:
- Why Spirit-help is superior to self-help
- How to activate the Spirit's power in your life
- Enter into a deeper intimacy with Jesus
- And much more

We will also send you Sarah's Your Friendship with Holy Spirit book, her In Step with the Spirit book, and our Hearing God's Voice Scripture card.

For your gift of $75 dollars or more, we will include The Daily Bible in the New Living Translation. Read it daily, and this Bible version will enhance your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Don't miss out on an invitation to experience the essential work of the Holy Spirit%u2014in you!

Don't Miss Out - Pack 2

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