God bestows many wonderful things on us when we walk with Him. These extraordinary blessings are the Fruit of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit. Receiving the gifts is a special and life-changing experience. Marilyn's classic Gift Wrapped Fruit, now expanded with additional insightful content from Sarah Bowling, will guide you in the development of these very special gifts from God. The combined Holy Spirit anointing from these two powerful teachers is sure to touch and guide your heart toward a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit.

For your gift of $20 or more, we want to send you Gift Wrapped Fruit along with Marilyn and Sarah's great resource Know Your Ministry. In this anointed book you will learn about these foundational and motivational gifts and discover the gift that you identify with most closely through which you can obtain the most success. These two powerful books will make an eternal impact on your life and a great addition to your personal resource library.

Gift Wrapped Fruit - Pack 1

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